Toru Iwaya - Japanese artist

Toru Iwaya - Japanese artist

Toru Iwaya, the works

The artist uses the etching technique in the realization of his works.

Toru Iwaya, artist since 1972, writes:

«Etching is a printing technique on copper plates, which requires great patience and a lot of time.
As you can imagine, it is difficult to persevere with this technique in this modern age when things change so rapidly.
Despite the many difficulties I encountered, I worked in the same Paris studio for 28 years, which led to the creation of more than 150 etchings.
Most of my etchings are small to medium in size.
The characteristic of my color prints is that all the engraved plates (those in the color and the base one) are produced with the etching technique. Very few artists still use this traditional practice.

The most important work I have ever completed is the traditional Japanese 'Noh' mask series. This series consists of more than 30 works (20 of which are large in size). These etchings are not found anywhere else in the world.
I hope you want to enjoy the tranquility of my work in your studio and in the living room of your home ».

MASKS (Noh Mask series)

Series 16 - Tree

Series 19 - Bamboo

Series 7

The moon


Tightrope walker


Accordionist in exile

Bamboo leaf boat
- childhood memories

Two saints in a boat

The red moon

My Paris 2

The horse - the light

Praise to Klee and Mirò

Spring movement

May green

Autumn message

A woman at her window

To pass

Souvenir of Canada

Morning light

Sun and butterflies




Mask series 9

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