Slides for children

Slides for children

Slides for children

The slides sector is so vast that it is able to offer various models of this game, starting from that for the little ones up to models that can be used by adults. Slides for children are often seen in parks and this may lead to think that a rather large space is needed to have them, but in reality this is not the case, at least as regards the medium-sized slides. We begin the journey starting from the slides designed specifically for the fun of the little ones. The child, through the slide, also acquires greater self-confidence, and discovers an outdoor fun to be experienced even in the company of other peers.

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The slide is nothing more than an inclined board placed at a certain height, on which you slide. To reach the top of this table, the child can use the stairs, although there are models of slides where there is an inclined table with pegs on which the child will have to perform a sort of climbing to reach the top. As this is a game designed specifically for children, it is designed in compliance with all safety standards but it is advisable, if the child is very young, that he is always accompanied and followed by his parents in use. The slide for the little ones is also sold at baby shops. It is a rather low slide, where the staircase consists of a maximum of four steps, made of colored plastic, which also finds space in the private garden. In the children's play area, the slide must absolutely not be missing. It constitutes, together with the swing, an important element to ensure that the child can have fun in the garden.

The plastic slide

The plastic slide does not require any type of fixing to the ground, it is easily assembled as the various elements fit together. It can be left outdoors even during the winter because it does not get damaged. In some cases, those who have an internal space large enough for the child to play can always decide to place it inside and let it be used even during the winter period. When the slide is left outside, it is always advisable to wash it before being used for the new season. It does not require the use of specific products, just a simple detergent and water, and also the plastic dries rather quickly. However, it is advisable to cover the slide with a cloth and place it in a sheltered area to prevent strong gusts of wind from damaging it. This is undoubtedly the first slide model that the child will use. As it grows, you can choose slides of different heights.

The wooden slide

In addition to plastic, the slides are made of wood, another material that goes well with garden furniture. The wood is treated with substances that make it suitable for any weather condition. Some slide models require fixing to the ground to make it more stable and safe. When you decide to buy a rather large slide, you must also have a suitable space to be able to install it. The children's play area must certainly be spacious, because they must be able to move and run without other dangers surrounding them. In the specific case of the wooden slide, it may require a different maintenance than the plastic slide, since the wood, after several years of outdoor exposure, will need to be treated with specific substances. When you have a rather large slide model, you can be sure that it will also be used when the child is no longer an infant age.

The inflatable slides

Inflatable slides are the ones often seen at amusement parks. It is an inflated plastic structure, where the slide is a soft but at the same time quite resistant element. Being a rather smooth surface, a mattress will be placed at the base of the slide, to allow the child to land on the soft. These slides are all roughly the same size. If you decide to place one in your garden, it is good to make sure that it is placed on a rather homogeneous ground. In this case there must always be a soft structure at the base of the slide that favors the child to get to the ground without getting hurt. These inflatable slides are quite colorful and spectacular, and this attracts a lot of children's attention. However, they can only be used by children who have a specific weight, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the slide structure. Everyone will then choose the model that they deem best suited to both their garden and the tastes of their child.

Garden games: Slides for children

As you well know, there are a huge number of types of slides on the market, there are outdoor ones, indoor ones. But beyond the place, the substantial difference is given by the construction material, we have in fact those in wood, plastic, metal. Normally the indoor slides are wooden and very low ones that are usually intended for younger children, while as regards the outdoor slides they can be found in both plastic and metal and are more suitable for gardens or public parks. In short, different slides, for different needs, the choice is yours!

Garden games-Playgrounds, swings and slides

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Slides for children

What other garden game do children especially love besides the swing? The slide of course. Children literally go crazy in front of a slide, they could play with it all day, climbing and sliding over and over. It is a simple but absolutely fun game, a timeless game that is also capable of decorating the home garden giving warmth and joy.

Garden slides are obviously not large slides, it is certainly not possible to insert slides in a garden like those usually found inside parks. Despite this it would be wrong to believe that garden slides are only available in small sizes because this is absolutely not the case.

The most beautiful and elegant garden slides are those made entirely of wood. These are really excellent slides from an aesthetic point of view that also offer the possibility of having greater safety for our children since they have the opportunity to play in close contact with a one hundred percent natural material and above all with a sturdy and resistant material. Slides made of metal can also be considered as robust and resistant. However, this material, especially for very young children, can be dangerous because sharp corners can be created with which children can easily injure themselves.

The latest generation slides entirely made of plastic are perfect for children because they are easily washable, they are colorful, cheerful and fun but it is important to remember that it is an unnatural material that is not able to offer warmth to their games, much less. elegance to the environment in which it is inserted.

Plastic children's slides are very light and for this reason it is always advisable to anchor them firmly to the ground using the special hooks usually sold together with them. Many plastic slides can easily be transformed into water games thanks to the special hook for the water systole.

Garden slides, whether made of wood or plastic, are also available with other integrated games such as tubes, cubes, climbing walls and of course the classic swings.

Maintenance tips for wooden swings and slides

  • The maintenanceof swings and wooden slides is not complicated since the wood, be it Nordic pine or fir, is already treated with an autoclave, a protection that protects it from the action of UV rays, humidity or xylophagous organisms that feed on wood . This treatment increases the duration and resistance to xylophages.
  • Fixing points and hooks: As for the metal parts of the slides, it is necessary to apply a product that prevents corrosion due to humidity, wear or malfunctions. It is advisable to use a hook lubricant.
  • Clean the playing area thoroughly: Another aspect to think about when assembling a slide or swing is to clean the play area thoroughly by removing pebbles or other sharp elements that can cause injuries and injuries to children.

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