Irrigation system - Ebook

Irrigation system - Ebook

Irrigation system 1

Irrigation system 1 opens the series of ebooks dedicated to garden irrigation and the fundamental elements for the creation of an irrigation system. our website through its ebooks reviews all the elements that make up a system made to perfection and through its articles explains the function, characteristics and qualities of the various components. In this ebook you will find the following articles: irrigation accessories, hose reel trolleys, irrigation control unit, solenoid valves, irrigation filters, pipe joints, drippers, elbows, drip irrigation system and above ground irrigation system.

Irrigation system 2

In the second irrigation system ebook, our website offers you other articles to continue discovering the components of garden irrigation and their characteristics. In this ebook you will find new articles about: underground irrigation systems, intermittent sprinklers, concealed sprinklers, dynamic concealed sprinklers, static concealed sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, rotating sprinklers, static sprinklers, irrigation lances and micro sprinklers. Continue to discover the different components of an irrigation system through our website ebooks

Irrigation system 3

The third issue of the irrigation system series definitively clarifies any doubts and curiosities of those who want to know more about the implementation and maintenance of garden irrigation. Ten new articles edited and accompanied by descriptive photos address as many very delicate and interesting issues: pegs, irrigation guns, wells, tap sockets, underground irrigation system design, irrigation system project, battery programmers, irrigation system connections, hose connections, irrigation taps . Each chapter deals with an element of the system in a technical way, describing its characteristics, functions and particularities. With irrigation system 3 the manual of our website dedicated to garden irrigation becomes even more complete and exhaustive ... good reading!

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