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The whole range of services in the field of landscape design and garden and park design from the creation of a project to its turnkey delivery and further maintenance

We carry out:
- creation of flower beds and lawns of any complexity,
- planting trees and shrubs,
- lighting
- drainage
- paving with paving slabs and natural stone
- construction of grottoes, gazebos, pergolas
- creation of recreation areas
- arrangement of sports and playgrounds
- arrangement of fountains
- construction of alpine slides
- creation of ponds, fountains and waterfalls
and much more

Creation of a landscape project

A competent landscape design is not only a guarantee that your site will be beautiful and harmonious, but also (as practice shows) - significant savings in money, time and nerves, which you will certainly spend in the future on alterations, rearrangements and docking, the elements are not initially detailed overall composition.

This is exactly the case about which they say "the miser pays twice." Let's add from ourselves - "three or four times"

Garden care

Any garden requires regular maintenance, which requires time, knowledge and skills, and sometimes even special equipment.

We will gladly take this care upon ourselves, since we fully have all the specified components.

Drainage of the territory

Proper drainage of the site excludes the accumulation of surface water, which has a detrimental effect on the condition of the soil and foundations of buildings. Depending on the characteristics of your site and your wishes, we use various combinations of three main types of drainage for drainage: open, closed and drainage with the help of plants.

Natural stone finishing

Natural stone is not only an excellent building material - strong, durable, beautiful and environmentally friendly, capable of satisfying the most demanding taste, but to some extent - and a sign of respectability of the owner of the site.

The use of natural stone as a finishing material will preserve the original appearance of the object without visible changes for many years. We have extensive experience in working with this material, and the total area of ​​the territories finished by our specialists is estimated at hundreds of hectares.

Paving with tiles

We will pave paths and parking on your site with tiles quickly, professionally, in compliance with all technological requirements

Creation of reservoirs and waterfalls

We all came out of the water a long time ago, and, perhaps, therefore, each of us in the depths of our souls dreams of having our own, personal, even a small water reservoir, on the shore of which you can relax in a comfortable environment and meditate.

Well, if this reservoir is equipped with a small fountain or a pretty waterfall, then its healing effect on the psyche of the owner will be greatly enhanced, since "you never get tired of looking at three things ..."

This task is extremely difficult for an amateur, since it requires taking into account many factors, knowledge, skills and special equipment - for a professional it is an absolutely routine matter in the technical part, which allows all the creative energy of our specialists to be used exclusively to satisfy the personal wishes of the customer. We will create for you exactly such a reservoir as it is possible to create, in accordance with your dreams and the possibilities of your site.

Lawn creation

In most cases, a lawn is one of the largest components of a landscape project in terms of area, and therefore its quality largely determines the appearance of your estate. Lawns are very different depending on their purpose.

There are completely standard ones designed for certain lighting conditions, temperature and humidity, there are standard lawn mixtures consisting of various types of lawn grasses, and it also happens that the lawn mixture is prepared by specialists based on the customer's requirements. We can create a lawn for you in almost any of the currently known ways, but in our work we give preference to sowing lawns using seeds adapted to our climatic conditions.

Rent of special equipment

If you need to clear the territory, mow the lawn, cultivate the land, uproot stumps, dig a pit, trench, or move a large amount of cargo on the site - you do not have to pick up an ax, shovel, wheelbarrow or scythe.

At a very affordable price, you can rent a mini tractor, mini excavator or a lawn mower from us. At your request, we will promptly deliver the necessary unit to your site, and our specialist will do in half a day what you will do with your hands for half the summer.

Project for Droog

Droog is a community of more than 50 independent designers who design, organize exhibitions and more. Droog design was founded in 1993 by industrial designer Gijs Bakker and art critic Renny Ramakers. This is a design studio that creates new unusual, sometimes even ironic household items: a lamp from Teyo Remy's milk bottles, a paper bookcase of Conings and Bey, or a rack of lamps from Marcel Wanders.

In 2013, in the historic center of Amsterdam on Staalstraat, in an old building of the 17th century, Droog design opened an unusual office hotel Hôtel Droog, where visitors can not only shop, but also eat, chat with each other, listen to lectures about modern design trends and just have a good rest. The building even has apartments with its own kitchen where you can spend the night, but the rest of the premises are offices, shops and restaurants. Everything at the Droog Hotel is filled with energy, positive emotions and novelty. In this sense, the interior garden design by Claude Pascher and Corinne Detroit fits perfectly with the Droog concept. The garden, reminiscent of a children's fairy tale, combines modern landscape design and fabulous garden sculptures. Its concept is based on a harmonious combination of living and artificial plant elements.

Photo. All of the above sculptures are used in the garden: a mushroom (filled with logs), chairs for relaxing visitors, a lily flower (a watering flower with an integrated irrigation system). Special bird houses hang from above

Claude PASQUER - landscape architect and lecturer at the Versailles National Higher School of Landscape Architects. He currently lectures, designs gardens, paints and makes sculptures from mesh. Claude has a degree in urbanism and environmental protection, but Claude considers his basic profession to be a gardener.

Claude is very pleased that all his professional activities are related to botany, landscape design and the creation of garden sculptures. He travels a lot, during his travels he composes a photo herbarium, photographing each new and interesting plant for him. He works all over the world, in Russia he gives master classes to Russian specialists and participates in landscape projects.

Catalog Garden and vegetable garden of Kharkov

Garden 93

Garden Ideas: How to Decorate Your Site?

It is not so difficult to decorate a garden beautifully with your own hands. Surely, you have old things lying around: chairs, bedside tables, garden pots, a broken bike. Use them in your garden interior! Do not rush to get rid of broken dishes and vases - plant small flowers in them, add lanterns and signs to the area and you will see how the area in front of the house will play. If you have the opportunity to invite a landscape designer - do it. He will help you think over the design of the suburban area to the smallest detail.

& quot; Design kit & quot;, landscape design studio - garden and vegetable garden

What's more important: a vegetable garden or a garden project?

This project is very interesting.
Firstly, the site of the original triangular shape - and this is a challenge to the landscape architect - to make it conveniently and beautifully, and so without corners.
And secondly, we started getting to know the client not about the project, but about the vegetable garden. We were asked to make a beautiful ornamental vegetable garden. And on the spot it turned out that there was no understanding of where this very garden should be in order to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

I had to postpone work with the garden and start designing. And here's what we got.

The zoning of the site was carried out.

Highlighted: a front area with a gazebo recreation area near the terrace with a patio and a fireplace orchard a vegetable garden with a greenhouse a utility area.

At the same time, the following questions have been worked out:
✅ the need for a utility block with a cellar (a draft layout option is proposed),
✅ exit from the porch to the patio,
✅ the place of residence of the dog,
✅ transfer of several previously planted fruit seedlings.

As a result, we got 2 interesting options. The client made his choice and outlined a plan for further actions.

What about the garden? - you ask. This season they did not manage to break it, the snow fell early. But in the spring. having a plan in front of your eyes is easy to do in a couple of days. The main thing is that you don't have to redo it later)))

How did you start building your garden? As planned or as needed?

About us

The "Masters of the Garden" center has been operating since spring 2007.

We want, that You lived in a beautiful, comfortable, harmonious and positive space!

Our landscape design studio performs all types of landscaping and landscaping of plots, dachas and estates: design, earthworks, installation of automatic irrigation, planting, laying lawns, arranging flower beds and flower beds, paving paths and creating rock gardens, rockeries.

We can make the place of your life harmonious, beautiful, fragrant and useful! At the same time, it does not require large maintenance costs

The specialists of our team have both academic knowledge and modern technologies, experience, and, let's not be modest, and talent.

And most importantly, we love our work on earth!

In the assortment of our garden center there is a large selection of any plants: decorative and fruit trees, conifers, fruit and flowering shrubs, flowers and materials for landscape design.

And also everything you need to care: garden tools and equipment, irrigation systems, pots, fertilizers and treatment products.

Contact us! We will be happy to help you!

The management team of the team is highly qualified in the field of landscaping and landscaping.

Our company has its own plant nursery.

Over the years, considerable experience has been accumulated in the field of landscaping and landscaping, both private and urban, as evidenced by our successes: 2007 - first place in the flower festival, 2008 - winners of the prestigious competition "Dmitrovskie sprouts" in the field of consumer market and a significant contribution to the solution of social programs on the territory of the Dmitrovsky district (copies of the letters are attached).

Our regular customers:

1. Administration of Dmitrovsky district (in different years of work on landscaping and beautification of the city, our project for the reconstruction of the recreation park "Birch Grove", flower decoration of the central streets of the city, repeated representation of the city's interests at flower exhibitions and festivals has been implemented).

2. Administration of Yakhroma Dmitrovsky district (city landscaping, reconstruction of the memorial and city park).

3. Sports and entertainment park of culture and rest "Yakhroma" (all types of landscaping and gardening works on the territory of the Park and the private cottage village "Petrovskie Dali" belonging to it in the period from 2005 to the present).

4. Construction company LLC PKF "Afina LTD", a member of the Athena group of companies (landscaping and landscaping of adjacent areas of new residential complexes on Pionerskaya St., Bolshevistskaya Dmitrova for 2011 in the plans of Podlipichye St.).

5. DTP "Mostootryad-90" (improvement and landscaping of several hectares in the Tver region.).

6. FKU Ikshinskaya colony-1 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (landscaping, construction of an ice skating rink and a stadium).

7. LLC SNB-Invest (improvement and landscaping of the adjacent territory and the hotel belonging to them).

8. Ice Palace of MU SC "Dmitrov" (landscaping and landscaping of the adjacent territory).

9. FSUE "DEZ at Spetsstroy of Russia" (flower bed decoration).

10. Convoy No. 1784 State Unitary Enterprise passenger road transport of the Moscow region "Mostransavto" (flower decoration of flower beds).

11. FGU DEP No. 25 (landscaping of the territory of the stele "Dmitrovsky district", located on the highway Moscow - Dubna).

12. MP "Dmitrovskaya Teploset" (flower bed decoration)

and other businesses and individuals.

If it is necessary to perform a large amount of work, we have the opportunity to attract significant material, technical and labor resources.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!

On October 30, 2015, our company became a member of the Dmitrovskaya Interdistrict Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Speech by our director Ekaterina Kosolapova.

Why landscape design PKiO needs to be trusted by a landscape designer

To create a well-groomed area that will be attractive and cozy, contact the designers of VAMSAD. Here you will get:

  • individual approach
  • detailed study of key parameters
  • reasonable prices for services
  • selection of plants and decor, taking into account the general style
  • timely execution of works.

Recreation park design is a responsible business, so entrust the arrangement to professionals. To get advice from VAMSAD landscape designers and answers to your questions, please dial our number: 8 (812) 408-15-76. We think through every detail and create a design that will be beautiful today and in a few years.

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