Valentine's day flowers

Valentine's day flowers

Valentine's day flowers

Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers. On February 14, flowers should never be lacking, especially red roses to give to your sweetheart. On this day, the florists are in full swing, those who ask for a simple bouquet of red roses, those who want a special package, those who want the flowers to be delivered to their loved one's home and so on; the years go by but the most recurring gift on the occasion of this holiday are definitely the flowers. The feast of St. Valentine dates back to the early Middle Ages and was established by a Pope, today it is celebrated in Italy and throughout Europe but also in America and the Far East. A curious tradition, which is particularly present in Anglo-Saxon countries during this day, is that of exchanging heart-shaped or Cupid-shaped tickets etc. after writing you some love phrases.

The red roses

Red roses are certainly the most suitable flowers for the Valentine's Day. The red rose symbol of passion and overwhelming love, but also of respect and courage. Every lover dreams of receiving a bouquet of red roses as a gift in this sweet and special holiday. Obviously, this floral gift also has its rules, in fact you should never give an even number of roses as a gift.

Not just red roses

Of course there are not only red roses to give on the occasion of Valentine's Day, there are many floral gifts and for all tastes, the right thing would always be to follow the preferences of the lover, if we are aware of the her passion for a particular flower, why not give her that, we will double show our love. Entering a florist or browsing the internet, we can find floral gifts of any kind but, in case you are still unsure, below we will give you some suggestions that may be useful to help you in your choice. Red roses contained in a wicker basket can be an alternative to the classic bouquet; if your sweetheart is an elegant and refined person who does not like classic things, a bouquet of mixed flowers in not too bright colors could be perfect; a bouquet of red roses is a very suitable floral gift for very young couples; an alternative, to be dedicated to a simple and always joyful lover, can be a bouquet of roses in very cheerful colors such as red, orange and yellow; very elegant and classy will be a bouquet of pink lilies and red roses. Which is often done, you can combine the floral gift with a box of chocolates, a stuffed animal or another object that completes the already beautiful thought.

Valentine's day flowers

What flowers to give on Valentine's Day for the feast of lovers? With which flower to express your feelings for your girlfriend, mother and dearest friend? How do flowers speak?

Say it with flowers ... it seems like a cliché and outdated, but it is not there language simpler to express your passions and your own with the colors and scent of flowers feelings and what recurrence is the emblem of a message sent with flowers if not Valentine's day?

A sensitive and emotional dialogue made possible thanks to nature that collects the essence of ours in flowers messages of loveand, but also of simple thoughts.

Valentine flowers - garden

The opportunities to donate flowers are innumerable and in any case the flowers are always a welcome gift however, many events in the life of a person to whom the gift of a bouquet of flowers is traditionally associated are subject to rules, which must be followed if you want that the flowers are best appreciated.

Very suitable are the bouquets of small pink roses or white or pink tulips.

Tradition requires that the flowers be white regardless of the sex of the newborn. Even if someone prefers to give a pink or blue bouquet.

The flowers must necessarily be white by opting for lily and roses.

Red roses are the most popular but also soft and delicate colors: small pink or white roses, pink peonies or lilacs.

To be sent to future spouses the day before the ceremony. A basket of orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, lily, gypsophila or freesia. The color of the flowers must necessarily be white or light pink. The most suitable flowers are the traditional orange blossoms, roses, jasmine, tuberoses, orchids.

For all types of anniversaries, including weddings, the most suitable flower is certainly the rose of any kind, species or color.

Any kind of flower of any color is suitable for this circumstance, the important thing is that the bouquet is packaged with a silver ribbon in the case of a silver wedding, and with a golden ribbon in the case of a gold wedding.

Sumptuous and cheerful flowers mixed with some laurel branches. However, flowers of the color that characterizes the faculty in which you graduate.

Lovers' day - a bouquet of red roses, always of an odd number.

Any bouquet is suitable for this occasion.

Holly, golden ears, branches with berries, butcher's broom and poinsettias.

Compositions with some auspicious branches of mistletoe combined with some ears.

Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, buttercups, and peach blossoms.

Cheerful and colorful flowers, preferably without perfume (in odd numbers).

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Bouquet of fresh flowers

Do you think roses are a bit too demanding? Nature always gives you a second chance! For example, you can opt for a bouquet of fresh flowers , choosing from roses and other varieties of flowers such as calla lilies, mini gerberas.

And if you choose to buy the bouquet online through our e-shop you will not only enjoy all the advantages of home delivery of flowers , but you can also add one splendid decorative vase with a minimal and contemporary design. For a gift that lasts forever!

Valentine's Day gifts for gardening enthusiasts

Big or small, it doesn't matter, just put your heart into it. If you don't want nasty surprises for Valentine's Day and risk finding yourself without a gift while your sweetheart gives you his special thought with a smile, get busy. Instead of rushing to the last minute to buy the usual perfume, chocolates or a sweater, stop for a moment and think about the best gift ideas for a Valentine's Day of true love. Do you want help? If your him or her are lovers of plants and flowers, here you will find some great gift ideas for gardening.

Gardening themed gifts for Valentine's Day

Gardening kit: unisex gift that leaves you speechless

It is always very popular with those who spend hours among pots, flowers and plants on the terrace or in the garden. The complete gardening kit is also useful for those who already have everything. Because there are always old tools to replace or small goodies that are missing. You can buy a ready-made complete gardening kit, or you can pack it yourself. This possibility in my opinion is always the most welcome and you can easily realize it by creating a nice gardening kit as a gift. Combine garden gloves, beautiful pruning shears, light, ergonomic but resistant, a practical set of small tools and a handy tool bag where you can store everything you need. You'll see what happiness: this Valentine's Day gift will turn out to be a happily unexpected gift.

Gift ideas for those who love gardening - Leroy Merlin inspiration

Gift ideas for him and her gardening

You don't need a lot of space because there are garden greenhouses of all sizes. But if you want to wow your other half with a very special Valentine's Day gift, a garden greenhouse is what you need for flower enthusiasts who never know where to put their plants when the summer ends. You can choose multi-storey greenhouses that are quietly on the balcony or more capacious greenhouses to put in the garden to keep flowering plants but also small fruit trees such as lemons. A nice gardening gift for him or her who turn into expert gardeners on weekends.

Gardening gifts to do on Valentine's Day - Idea Leroy Merlin

Valentine's Day gifts for her who loves flowers

Surprise her with small colorful pots for her succulent plant collections. Or choose a set of pots of different sizes in which to put the bags of seeds. For those who love flowers, receiving similar gardening gifts unleashes happiness equal to that of children unwrapping packages at Christmas. And then there is the surprise effect of Valentine's Day: extracting from the stacked pots the small bags of seeds that appear one after the other, to symbolize the months, years or decades in which your love flourishes. A perfect declaration of love that, we can bet, will make these some of the best Valentine's Day gifts for her, but also for him if he is a man with a passion for flowers.

Valentine's Day gifts for her who loves flowers

Valentine's Day gifts for him who spends hours mowing the lawn

Among the possibilities of gardening gifts you will also find ideas for important gifts. You can take advantage of special discounts to give your partner who spends every Saturday morning adjusting the height of the grass with a nice modern lawn mower, or a bow trimmer that will make it easier and faster to adjust the hedges in the garden. That way he will have more time to go for a walk with you. Valentine's surprises always have a second (and happy) ending.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him - Idea Leroy Merlin

In addition to the simple lawnmower, there are many other lawn care products that you can give away for Valentine's Day. Find out how to choose between mulching, lawnmower or collection system and ask the Community for advice!

Gift ideas for a sustainable Valentine's Day: plant a flower together

Sustainable valentine's day 2021: no to cut flowers, better plant a flower together! Discover the Community's original ideas for a Sustainable Valentine's Day: rather than giving a cut flower as a gift, choose to plant one with your sweetheart.

Gift ideas for a sustainable Valentine's Day: plant a flower together - Leroy Merlin inspiration

A sustainable Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers, the most purchased and received gift are undoubtedly flowers. To avoid giving the usual bunch of red roses, or in any case a bunch of cut flowers, why don't you consider the alternative of planting flowers at home together with your partner this year? Choose the flowers that your her or your him like best, arrange a beautiful vase and plant some flowers together! They will certainly be more durable and will decorate your home environment or your outdoor spaces such as balconies, gardens or terraces. Get pots, gardening gloves, watering can, soil and everything else you need to plant your Valentine's plant with your sweetheart!

Gift ideas for a sustainable Valentine's Day: plant a flower together - Leroy Merlin inspiration

Sustainable Valentine's Day: Planting Orchids

The period of February is the most suitable for deciding to plant wonderful orchids. Halaenopsis and Dendrobium are the most common species. One of the fundamental elements for this plant is light. In fact, most tropical orchids live in very bright places. The ideal indoors is to place orchids planted near a window, but away from heat sources or drafts. So it is recommended to keep the orchid pots in the brightest areas of the house. This plant that comes from the East, symbolizes love, the lasting one, based on total psychic and physical dedication. Pink orchids are given as gifts on the occasion of the 14th wedding anniversary, while the yellow orchid is perfect for the 28th year of marriage. On the site you can find the most suitable pots and soil for this beautiful and elegant plant.

Sustainable Valentine's Day: planting a Gardenia

The gardenia symbolizes the sincerity of a feeling. It is a plant that needs light but does not like direct sunlight. The leaves of the gardenia should be vaporized with demineralized water. The gardenia gradually adapts to the home environment and for this it needs care and patience, just like a love story!

Gardenia - shutterstock 1706162065 By Maryana Volkova

Sustainable Valentine's Day: planting Anthurium

Anthurium has the characteristic of having large leaves and heart-shaped flowers. For this reason, the ancient Greeks believed they were Cupid's arrows. Anthurium is one of the most gifted plants on Valentine's Day also for its red color which represents love and passion. It is a plant native to tropical regions where the climate is humid and hot. For her well-being at home, therefore, we must try to recreate this type of environment: it is necessary to cut out a bright place for her and it must be wet little but often, in order to keep the soil moist but not watered down.

Anthurium - shutterstock 259888313 By BestPhotoPlus

Sustainable Valentine's Day: Planting a Camellia

Camellia symbolizes eternal devotion between lovers. Camellias have very specific characteristics. They are woody plants, with a perennial cycle and bushy shrub habit. They begin to bloom right in the month of lovers, February. They grow well in large pots both inside and outside the home. Its flowers, from white to pink to red, are enchanting.

Camelia - shutterstock 1669274536 By Diyana Dimitrova

Sustainable Valentine's Day: planting a tricolor Viola

The pansy or tricolor viola, is a plant belonging to the Violaceae family, it is known in a particular way for its delicate flower that symbolizes romantic love and made of tenderness. The tricolor viola is a biennial plant: it completes the biological cycle in two years starting to grow in late summer, persisting during the winter and flowering during the following spring, then it dies. It is possible to plant it in pots and keep it indoors or outside on the balcony.

Did you find the article interesting? For any doubt or curiosity write to the Community, we will be happy to answer your questions! Find on our site many ideas for your perfect Valentine's Day gift, select the seeds you can plant in February and lots of bulbs for a sustainable Valentine's Day!

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