Garden lights

Garden lights

The garden lights

The garden lights allow you to take advantage of the garden even during the evening hours, so that it can be fully experienced for the whole day. An external lighting system provides for the presence of different types of garden lights: street lamps, lamps, ceiling lights. The garden lamps are a rather characterizing element of the outdoor space. We are usually used to seeing them in public spaces and along the streets, but they have become part of the private garden as an important and fundamental element, since the light they emit is quite intense and guarantees adequate lighting in any space. The street lamp is connected to a lighting system that works through electricity. Today the street lamps have replaced the classic light bulbs with those with low energy consumption, which guarantee the same yield but at a considerably lower cost.

Garden lamp posts in iron and plastic

The garden lamp made of iron is certainly a very special element. The pole that supports the entire structure can be simple or worked. This type of lamppost enriches the garden, making it complete, since the iron processing allows for particular decorative motifs that cannot be made with other materials. The cheapest garden lamp is instead low and is made of plastic. Comparing the two types of lampposts, one immediately realizes the difference between one model and another: the iron lamppost has a well-defined style and immediately catches the attention of those who enter the garden, the plastic one is less showy.

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    The outdoor lamps allow you to take advantage of the garden even during the evening hours, so that it can be fully experienced for the whole day. An external lighting system provides ...

Garden lamps

Garden lamps always fall into the category of garden lights and the market offers them all in plastic, as this material is quite durable and has an unlimited life. When we talk about garden lamps, in addition to the classic current-powered outdoor lamp, we also refer to lamps powered naturally through a candle, those with bioethanol, and solar ones. The lamp that shines through the candle can be of any shape. Usually it has the shape of a lantern, the light it diffuses is quite low when compared to a classic garden light. It is usually used to create particular atmospheres within the garden, where the candle becomes the main element of lighting.

Solar energy lighting system

Today, most of the garden lights use solar energy, so the lights can exploit this renewable and non-polluting resource. The solar garden lamp is made following the same shape as a traditional outdoor lamp, but is connected to a solar panel, which is quite small in size. The solar panel has the task of capturing the sun's rays and transforming them into energy, which allows the light to be switched on. Since this is a lighting system that does not need to be connected to electricity, the single element is directly inserted into the ground. When, on the other hand, you want to connect the entire garden lighting system in a single solar system, the panel will certainly be larger to ensure the operation of all the elements.

The outdoor ceiling lights

The outdoor ceiling lights are lights that can only be used if fixed to the wall. They find space both in the garden and on the balcony, they are available on the market in the plastic and glass version. Plastic ceiling lights are sold more frequently than glass ones, because the latter are less resistant to shocks. However, the glass ceiling lights have a different look, much more elegant and sophisticated, so much so that they can also be included in the category of garden furnishings.

The spotlights

Among the garden lights we must also remember the spotlights, a type of lighting that is embedded directly in the ground. They can be round, square or rectangular in shape, and are sometimes also inserted laterally into a fence wall. The light emitted spreads over the floor, which is therefore used above all to highlight highly decorative elements, such as works of art or a fountain. It is customary to delimit the perimeter of the pool with these spotlights to emphasize how much this element can take on a particular aspect even in the evening.

Choice of different types of lighting

When they then illuminate an avenue, the garden lights are also switched on during the winter period, to illuminate the space surrounding the home. Different lights are always inserted in a garden because each provides a particular light intensity. Only by creating a lighting project will you be able to define the type of garden light that will have to be inserted in each area.

Garden lighting: Garden lights

As with the rest of the house, the lighting of the garden also plays a fundamental role, both from a functional, aesthetic and decorative point of view. From the decorative point of view, it was thought that the garden is very beautiful and had to be seen also at night, for this reason night lights were also introduced inside the lawns. Most of them are installed on the ground to ensure that they illuminate the flowers and trees from below which are thus seen even at night in their entirety and consequently beauty. They can be purchased in many shops, and even on the web, because it does not take any particular license to sell them and they can also be installed at home.

Lighting the outside with solar lamps, in addition to being a considerable energy saving, also means choosing an eco-sustainable source that respects the environment. Lighting in the garden is very important and can involve large energy costs when choosing a traditional electrical system. With the outdoor solar lights instead, you will illuminate your garden, balcony or terrace for FREE!

In fact, solar-powered lights store energy during the day and distribute it in the form of light at night. No energy costs, No electricity costs! Today, there are all kinds of solar garden lights to illuminate the outside ... wall lights, light bulbs, lanterns, lanterns, outdoor steplights, there are also solar spotlights with motion sensors. Today we have selected 15 solar-powered lights for you to illuminate your garden by creating magical atmospheres at zero energy cost. Get inspired and unleash your creativity with these 15 garden ideas.

The importance of garden lamps

THE garden lamp posts, in addition to diffusing light, they influence the style of your home both day and night.

The home, whether it is a single or terraced house, or even a simple house on the first floor, is today a primary asset to which more and more attention is being reserved.

Real estate therefore not only represents a roof under which to survive but is also an icon of our social status and as such must represent the best of us.

Although everyone is inclined to focus on the interior furnishings and, at most, on the external facades, few are those who pay the utmost attention to the garden for open spaces.

For many it is enough to install a series of garden lamp posts to give, for example to the driveway, that light needed to see in situations of low natural light.

However, most people pay no attention tolighting of the outdoor areas of your own home, mistakenly thinking that it is enough to furnish with some ornamental plant or with some object of design, to ensure that good taste is also identified by third parties.

Unfortunately, however, this is not the case since light is one of the main factors for our garden to enjoy an enviable setting.

So simple are not enough garden lamps randomly placed to make our green areas better.

Light is one of the magical aspects in any environment that, thanks to it, takes on completely different meanings from the originals.

For this reason, although it is not simple, setting up the garden is one of the first things to consider if you want to enrich the value of the house.

Ornaments, albeit expensive, or tall trees are not enough, but the necessary light for each area of ​​the outside to enjoy its right look.

Fortunately, many today have understood the importance of design through thelighting and so the light beams are already foreseen in the design phase of the green space.

On the other hand, this represents one of the places of well-being in our home. If working and social life continues to get heavy, those who own a garden know well how much this represents an oasis of relaxation, where it is easy to indulge in one's psychophysical well-being.

However, those who are not a lover of nature or prefer a bathtub in terms of relaxation, could equally take advantage of their outdoor spaces thanks to outdoor lighting for parties with friends or for outdoor dining.

If you really want to be daring, just create an outdoor room in such a way as to blend the interior and exterior furnishings. An effective way to make the garden welcoming even in autumn. To achieve this goal, it is sufficient to use external lighting that mimics the typical indoor one.

The garden lights allow not only to increase the degree of safety in night hours and evening, but also to create scenographic bright settings. The garden it can, in fact, be enlightened in his own complexity or just in certain points. Lights can mark i walkways or delimit theentrance or any gates.

Power systems deserve to be associated with the research of design, because the lights they can certainly beautify outdoor spaces and make them more interesting. On the market you can find many different systems of outdoor lights.

Garden lights: models and solutions

There are models of lights of different shapes and invoices, come on classics is romantic street lamps in wrought iron up to the solutions of spotlights is street lamps in metal or in cor-ten, characterized by a minimal design and geometrically pure. Let's see some examples of garden lights to guide us in the choice and to know its main characteristics.

With Slim, the company Platek of Brescia proposes a series of lights with a minimal shape and contemporary, dedicated to those who want to define outdoor environments with rigor.

  • This is a complete collection, made in abstruse aluminum painted.
  • The sturdy screen is in glass tempered.

With Stretch, Nexo Luce respects the geometric will e refines the design.

  • These lights are linear and proposed in an elegant black colour.
  • Power is as powerful as it is devoted to saving a led.
  • This ensures high performance and savings in the management ofgarden lighting.

Garden lights: vintage spotlights

And finally, here is an interesting solution of garden lights that recalls the spotlights of the past, but revisits them with modern allure.

  • It is about the collection Lalalampada of Martinelli Luce.
  • THE lanterns I'm metallic, but dealt with special bathrooms to resist atmospheric agents.
  • They show a playful nature is irreverent, suitable for most outdoor environments minimal is sophisticated.

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Garden lights

How to choose your garden lights? First of all, it is necessary to consider the layout of the spaces and the way in which they must be illuminated, and then move on to the design of the light points, to be placed in the outdoor area, so that there is no point totally in the dark. In fact, it is not always easy to coordinate, for example, the path marker lights on the floor or to the side of it or the appliques on the walls as well as the spotlights, which must be able to create the right cones of light on the trees. Often engineers, architects and designers attend courses and masters specialized in lighting technology, to learn how to best design light points in indoor and outdoor environments. There are also lights that can be easily positioned in any corner of the garden, as they are able to give particular suggestions and suffused atmospheres, as is the case with the Kimono fiberglass lamps by Karman, in the photo, which recall those typical of the Far East. In fact, they refer both to the style of Chinese lanterns and to that of the most refined Japanese lighting and are suitable for both private gardens and for those of bars or restaurants, where you can spend pleasant moments, thanks to the soft and suffused light of the Kimono lamps.


The garden lights can work either through direct power or thanks to a transformer capable of supplying them with a low voltage current that oscillates between 12 or 24 V. In both cases, however, you will need a qualified electrician to install them. The less experienced, on the other hand, will be able to mount some sets of small low-voltage lights only after the power supply, usually an outdoor wall socket with RCD (residual current device), has been installed outdoors by a professional. Between the two, the lower voltage one is preferred: it is much safer, there are more accessories to choose from, it is easier to install and you can move it more easily.

Determining the size of the transformer to install is simple. Just multiply the power and the number of individual lights (bulbs) you want to use in the lighting scheme. For example, 30-watt oven lamps require a 120-watt transformer. However, it is advisable to opt for a more powerful transformer than you think you need, because in the future you can add more lights or increase the brightness of the bulbs without having to change it.

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