Tubers on the branches?

Tubers on the branches?

Planting and care of dahlias

Dahlior, dahlior, dahlior. The finest flower romance and the summer's equivalent of tulips, although much better actually because they bloom much longer and the tubers can be saved from year to year and willingly bloom over and over again. What more could you really want? Well, scent would have been nice if there were some varieties that had, only know one with scent and it is the hybrid 'Mexican Star' (originally called 'Mexican Black') that has a faint scent of chocolate. Dahlias are truly a gift to us color and flower lovers.

Choose the right sea buckthorn plants

It takes both a male and a female for it to become a berry. The varieties are often produced in pairs because males and females have to do their part at the same time for it to become berries. A well-proven Swedish sea buckthorn duet are the E-plants 'Svenne' and 'Lotta'.

Other fine varieties are the large female variety ‘SOL’ and the female plant ‘Ljubitelskaja’

Whatever you choose, carefully examine that males and females fit together. Also look at the origin. Sea buckthorn is suitable for cultivation up to zone 5-6, but some varieties with Siberian origin, such as the male Romeo, may have difficulty coping with the milder winters up to zone 3.

Hammarkvist Garden - Exhibition garden and garden café

Now at Easter there will be tubers of Dahlias, Kanna,

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The garden is always open to own visitors.

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Garden Cafe, arts, crafts, museum and a Show Garden are located in Oasen Oppmanna, 20 kilometers from Kristianstad

Hammarkvist Garden hosts several events with various art exhibitors and artisans.

At the popular café, we serve homemade cakes either outdoors in the beautiful garden or indoors in the starch factory from the 1910s.

The museum displays everyday objects and retro clothing from different eras.

The store sells retro, recycled, antiques, used products and among plants from Show Garden.

Hammarkvist Garden is always open to visitors. The garden is located in an apple area surrounded by various lakes.

It is easy to find the garden in Oppmanna, due to the old starch factory's chimney sticker up.

Drive buds in bloom

Many woody plants form their flower buds already during the previous growing season and are ready to flower as soon as spring begins. The plant needs a cold period of 6-8 weeks so that the buds can then burst out when spring comes. Already in February, many plants are ready to bloom, but outside it is still too cold. The period February-March is good for the annual pruning that is done in the spring-winter and the branches that are cut off you can take in and drive in bloom. Try sprigs from, for example, apple, cherry, forsythia, currant, spirea and currant.

Choose branches with beautiful shape and look closely at the buds. The flower buds stand out because they are rounder, thicker and larger. Buds that only form leaves are thinner and more pointed. The flower buds of apple trees are found on short and robust fruit branches. It is best to cut the branches at plus degrees, because the branches and buds are then softer and the move to the indoor environment is not as drastic.

Put the branches in water and set at room temperature and wait for the flower buds to bloom.

Care of sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is drought tolerant when established, but sensitive to drought as a new plant. Be sure to water at the beginning.

Be sure to keep the weeds away. One way is to cover the soil around the plants with cloth. You can also let hens or ducks go in the planting. They keep clean.

Also make sure to protect the bark of the plants from attacks from, for example, deer and hares. If the bark is damaged, the plant usually dies quickly.

Sea buckthorn feels good when topped as small so that they branch nicely. Since the berries come on last year's branches, it is also good to prune rejuvenating older plants, it can be solved when you harvest.

Sea buckthorn jam is fantastic for dessert cheeses.

The sea buckthorn berry is packed with goodies. It is extremely rich in vitamins A and C but also vitamins B1, B2 and E. The berry also contains useful oils such as omega 3, 6 and 7 which counteract dry mucous membranes. Five different carotenoids have been detected as beta-carotene and lycopene.

A single berry contains as much vitamin C as a whole orange! The shrubs give rich harvests of several kilos on just a few branches.

Storage: Either you can freeze the berries and use them gradually, or you can make juice or puree on all the berries, freeze and then use gradually.